Friday, February 26, 2010

Logging in to report on birthday activities.

It's been such as good day! Hubbie kicked off the birthday yesterday evening with two sooooo coooool gifts... wait for it...

Amazon Kindle & MacBook

WOW! i'm stilling wowing as i sit here blogging, listening to a few tunes, and surfing on my new MacBook. And in a few, i'll snuggle into bed to read my first book on the Kindle. Life is good.

But there's more!... oh, so much good stuff at work!

i was not all that excited about growing a year older (But gratefully, i was not as maniacally hormonal as i was yesterday. Seriously, yesterday was it's own kind of blog post that i was definitely too impatient to sit down to write.) The drive in was snappy, and i wasn't late for that 8am Friday morning meeting (really, 8am meetings on Friday!); however, the meeting was canceled (really, can't cancel that the evening before so we're not husseling to make an 8am Friday meeting?), which turned out great, giving me time to visit with work peeps who had decorated up my office with foam duckies. Every surface of my office was covered with foam ducks (i'd been trying to finagle one from our new hire team since they arrived... well, now i've got a ton!) The walls were covered with fun notes from teammates with either a rubber duckie or Star Wars theme (i'm supposing that's on account of the picture i posed with my light saber wearing a snuggie as a Jedi cloak -- really, the only appropriate way to wear a snuggie). They took me to lunch at Olive Garden... ummmm, minestrone, garlicky bread sticks and salad... lunch heaven. Then we had a delish vegan cake from Whole Foods. We've got secret celebration buddies at work this year, and i'm totally diggin' it today! i'm inspired to treat my secret buddy right on his/her birthday (don't even try to tear it out of me!)

Thanks Hubbie & dear Friends for such a delightful birthday!!

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