Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a new, new year! Love the first day of a new beginning. 2010 is going to be an amazing year! Can't you feel it? Feel it deep down in your innermost? It's resonating there with hopefulness and excitement about the possibilities. *breathe deeply - it's there, anticipating*

This year i would love to accomplish and be so much:
  • Thinner and healthier; i dream of a flat stomach and the joy of not being self conscious about my figure
  • Walk everyday (and i daresay, workout *gasp*)
  • Mediate and pray daily
  • Be closer to JC and make Him proud
  • Produce a great program for work
  • Experience the miracle of a baby (but so scared, too)
  • Cook more and eat healthy
  • Blog more - a lot more
  • Start a review of books i read throughout the year
  • Finish a 2010 scrapbook by Dec 31 (that would take a miracle)
  • Grow a window herb garden (raw foods anyone?)
  • Start the backyard landscaping
  • Decorate my office at work
  • Follow all of Dr. Weil's advice for optimum health
  • Be more fashionable (i'm happy to report i rang in the new year wearing a double-strand necklace *sigh*)
  • Read until my brain is full of quality intellectual property (fie on you, sleep)
  • Get a good night's sleep most nights (contradicts previously stated resolution and the possibility of said baby as stated above)
  • Learn to use Photoshop Elements
  • Take a digital photography class
  • Get involved in a literacy non-profit of some sort
  • Organically cultivate a great looking front yard, sans weeds and ants
But... i would also like to keep my resolutions. Did you know that most resolutions are abandoned by mid-February? So, as proud as i would be to emulate the noble wife of Proverbs 31 (seriously, you know a guy (King Lemuel) wrote that passage), here's my *fingers crossed* realistic list for 2010:

1. Read through the Bible in a year (started a chronological journey through the Good Book today, and you know, it was so refreshing)
2. Be more active - make that daily walk a priority
3. Write more - blogging, my book, whatever, just share this ongoing mental commentary that fills my day (here's to day 1!)
4. Family + 1

Would love to support your resolutions too! May this year be the best one yet...

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