Sunday, January 3, 2010

BEHOLD! My first creation from the magical program Photoshop! (documented: completed ~6pm, Sunday, Jan 3, 2010 - likely to not happen again)

Isn't it lovely! Thanks to Jessica Sprague and her highly effective, yet quaint elearning class on Photoshop Elements. Love it!

I'll print this puppy out and slip it into an album and BAM, done!

Ok, so it took me about 1.5 hours of classtime and fiddling, but now i know how to do it, provided you give me all of the digital papers and frame, and oh yeah... the ornate template background already complete. But whatever, i added the title, journaling, cropped that flower and placed the grungy (don't you like that word?) frame around the picture! And oh yeah, that's my picture of my sweet cousin and his darling girl. Never you mind that i did not dream up the color scheme, design the elements, or know to make the date 50% transparent so that it doesn't overwhelm -- i've used Photoshop and i'm on top of this kitschy world!

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