Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i've not yet introduced my dear friend, Ambre. We met at SMU, and have been fast friends ever since. We lunch every other week (using less words; making nouns into verbs; efficiency people!) to catch up and just hang out. In the good 'ol days *right* we carpooled to class twice a week. i miss my Ambre fix - oh, and the fast pace she set of no less than 90mph on the Tollway, usually because i was late -- hmmm, imagine that.

So while we were lunching at lunch today, she's telling me about how her apartment is haunted by the lady who was killed by her husband (so they all think, even though it was reported a suicide). Ghosts, hmm. Not sure where i fall on the ghost scale. But ufos - i'm all about ufos. i mean, how could there not be another habitable planet out there in at least one of the gazillions of galaxies in this vast existence. Really, only one of us, and we're the epitome of all that's advanced and humane? *psht* Just can't go with that one. So, back to Ambre. So, she believes in ghosts, but not in ufos. Of course i mock her for this wayward belief.

"Ghosts aren't scary, Bon."
"Oh really?"
"Yeah, they're just our spirits."
"Yeah, that's not spooky, especially if you've been killed and are haunting for attention or revenge for the wrong done you."
"Well I just can't think about those ufo abductions and stuff... scary."
Ah, well, there you have it. Lost souls screaming for attention, slamming doors and being irritable in general or abductions and corn fields.

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