Thursday, July 30, 2009

Friends, i have serious news to share with you.

I called my sister today to chat about birthday stuff for Mom, and she tells me that she's finally joined Facebook and sent me a friend request. "Very cool! About time!" i tell her.
"Hey, did you get a friend request from Dad?" she asks. "What!!! (First of all, *roflmao* can you see my Dad on Facebook!!) You have just gotten on Facebook and you have a friend request from Dad?" i "calmly" reply (right... pretty sure the whole hall heard my convo.)
"He just sent it last night."
"I'm friends with Mom, are you?"
"What!! What do you mean you're friends with Mom!" now i'm yelling. This is not to be borne (yeah, so i've been reading Jane Eyre -- and happen to love it -- so what!)! "i've got to go."

Ring, ring. "Hello?" it's dear ol' Dad.
"So, where's my friend request, and when did you join Facebook anyways?"
"Uh, uh... facebook?"
"YEAH, Facebook! Not going to send me a friend request? i'm your own daughter. What, don't want to be my friend?!"
"Well, i just sent you and your sister one last night."
"Oh. Well, ok."
"Uh, here's your mother."
"Really," lips are pursed and finger is raised. "How can i even call you mother when you send a friend request to Mel but not me. I can't talk to you for at least an hour."
"Guess I forgot to tell you I finally signed up for Facebook to see my friends pictures," she replies. Eyes roll all up into my head.
"And you're just too good to ask your own daughter to be a friend. But oh, Mel is fine. Really, Mom. Oh, you're at Winstar. Well, good luck. See you this weekend."

Seriously, i'm still in a tizzy.

Back to Jane... Don't roll your eyes, it's good stuff! Here's a line i'm gonna try: "every nerve i have is unstrung." Such flourishing descriptions and romantic stuff. Though, i must say that i'm a bit perturbed with Mr. Rochester... professing his undying love most profusely all the while hiding his banshee of a first wife in the attic. Silly, silly Jane.

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